EVER ECO Reusable Produce Bags 8 Pack

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Ever Eco Extra Large Resuable Produce Bags 8 Pack - 30 x 35cm. Comes with a storage pouch.

Each bag holds up to 16 oranges!! They have plenty of room for whatever you'd like to use them for.

How good are these babies?! Going 'green' has never been easier!

These are made from recycled plastic drink bottles. The result material is a transparent fine mesh fabric.
Lightweight, yet super strong.

These bags are so versatile - use them for holding fruit, vegetables, herbs, or bulk goods such as grains, nuts or pulses.

Tip: Rinse your produce in the bag & pop straight into your fridge - air will flow through the mesh weave, allowing your produce to breath & stay fresh for longer.

Bags pack down into pocket-sized storage puch with a clip to make it easier to store them in your handbag or car.

Responsibly made in China.   

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