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Feeding Babies Eggs
Feeding babies egg and peanut may reduce their risk of developing an allergy to the foods, finds a new study.In the research, which is the largest analysis of evidence on the effect of feeding allergenic foods to babies, scientists from Imperial College London analysed data from 146 studies. In total the studies involved more than 200,000 children.The results suggest feeding children egg between the ages of four and six months may reduce their risk of developing egg allergy.The study, which was commissioned by the UK Food Standards Agency, also found feeding children peanut, between the ages o..
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Organic Food is Best
We can already hear the organic food naysayers: Highest quality? Healthy products? Hogwash — the organic industry just wants you buying more of its goods.But the truth is choosing organic-certified foods — when you can and can afford to — is one of the best choices you can make for your children. We should know: as a mom of two girls and an author of books about sustainable food (Anna) and as a pediatrician and father of four (Alan), we have a handle on the research as well as firsthand experience.We choose organic because we know, for example, that children fed an organic diet have ..
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